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About Us

Our VISION is very simple – to be the place that you come to when you think about events in Zimbabwe. So, we have made it our MISSION to make it easy for you to find and organise event-related activities in Zimbabwe at affordable prices, whilst helping professional event suppliers reach a wider audience.

Using our innovative software, we have made event planning easier, quicker and better for you. You can now find various event professionals, compare prices and ask questions in the comfort of your home! No more wasting valuable time and energy driving around in search of event suppliers.

So, whether you are planning your wedding, an extravagant birthday party, a gala or a business event, our platform is the perfect solution for you.

We bring together all event-related suppliers in Zimbabwe, from event vendors and venue owners to accommodation providers, event promoters and more, so we can be your one-stop-shop and help you find the right person for each job!

We use the latest technology that makes our website incredibly user-friendly, so you can explore event suppliers by category or location, contact business owners instantly and live chat with them, leave reviews and more.

We also make it very easy for you to ask for quotes and compare prices, so you can stick to your budget, while still creating a beautiful event.

So, join the new age of event planning in Zimbabwe and get ready to create the most breath-taking event.