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I'm a customer, why should I use Zimhood Events?

Imagine the pain of searching for event suppliers on numerous websites! How about driving/walking to different places in search of them? Several phone calls you make enquiring about this? How about paying too much than you should simply because you had limited choices?

Well, those days are long gone! Zimhood Events is a ‘one-stop shop’ platform that makes it easy for you to access event related services in Zimbabwe without moving an inch. This saves you time and money as you can easily make price comparisons by requesting quotes from various suppliers.

You can also make informed decisions by reading suppliers reviews by other customers.

I'm a supplier, why should I use Zimhood Events?

Picture a world where you do not have to worry much about marketing, websites and search engines optimization! A world with very low marketing costs and potentially high revenue. Picture Zimhood Events!

At Zimhood Events, we believe you are our strategic partner. Your success is our success. Therefore, it is our responsibility to market your business aggressively while you focus on what you do best and count the dollars. 

Sign-up now and own your profile. Our customers are waiting for you!

Do I pay for using Zimhood Events?

All customers pay nothing for the service. It is FREE. Forever!

To help Zimhood Events run smoothly and to cover the costs of the products and services we provide, we charge a small service fee to our suppliers.

I'm a supplier in the diaspora, can I sign-up?

Absolutely! Contact us on for more details.

A supplier is showing unethical behaviour, what should I do?

We have a zero tolerance policy on unethical behaviour. Please report such behaviour to

I'm an Event Planner. Do you compete with me?

No. We are your strategic partner. A perfect family! We compliment your work. In fact, we encourage you to sign-up.

Is my personal information safe with you?

We have a very strict privacy policy. Please read our Privacy Policy.